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Why We Build Products

I love products.

I love building them, and I love building a business around them.

I am drawn to products because are special benefits to products that are hard to find in other areas of digital work. Specifically, products give you leverage, freedom, and equity.


You can build something once and sell it an infinite amount of times. You can go to sleep, and wake up to emails that people payed you money. You no longer trade hours for dollars, which means that if you sell enough, you can work less and make more.


If you start getting steady sales, you can stop working for a few weeks, or even a few months, and you will still make money. You can have a team that handles the day to day, so technically you don’t need to be there. Your business might even grow while you are on vacation.

The thing is, you will want to be there. Knowing that you don’t have to makes it even better.


You can build something cool, keep improving it, and help people who use it. You can choose to sell your company later, or just keep making an income doing what you love. The best type of equity is worth something even after you leave.

The reason everyone doesn’t do this is because it’s hard.

The product graveyard is filled to the brim with amazing code and design built by smart people. You’ve heard about the big names like Rdio and Google Plus, but have you ever heard of Chowdy? They made 110k/mo before they folded for legal reasons. There are thousands of failed products you’ve never heard of, and there are a thousand different reasons why they failed.

Being good at code or design isn’t enough. Being good at marketing or selling isn’t enough. To be successful you need all that plus the right timing, a viable business model, and a lot of persistence. Or a lot of luck.

To be honest I don’t know the formula for success, and I’m not sure if there is one. What I do know is that learning more about the product business can only help your odds.

Learn About Products With Me

I made this site because after almost 10 years of selling products I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. I am constantly learning, and I want to share what I learn with you.

I want to help you build and sell your first product, or make your existing product better. I want you to be able to generate a passive income not to get rich, but to gain freedom. Freedom to do something other than work every hour of every day. Freedom to spend more time with your family, or pick up a new hobby. Freedom to build your own dream instead of someone else’s.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard. You will probably fail, maybe multiple times. I have.

Even if you succeed, it’s still hard. Support is a grind. Bugs are relentless. HR problems only get worse, and a Google penalty can bring you to your knees.

Even with all that, it’s worth it. If you can make money doing what you love, making your own schedule, everything else is a minor hurdle.

As trite as it sounds, making money while you sleep is an amazing feeling. Then it just becomes normal, and you can choose what you want to do with your time.

Instead of trading hours for dollars you can read a book, learn a new coding language, or write about one of your passions. You can have more time for your family, travel, hobbies, or start another business to make even more money.

There is an endless amount of knowledge to acquire, which is part of the fun. There are few greater joys in life than learning something new.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to figure out how the heck to start and run a product business.

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