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Podcast #6 - Jack McDade on Statamic and Branding

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Jack McDade is a fun guy making a fun product.

He is the founder of Statamic, a static website CMS built on top of Laravel. Building this company was not easy for Jack and the team, he says it took 6 years before he could stop doing client work.

Jack has created the best branding I’ve seen in a bootstrapped software company. It’s not just the design (which is awesome), it’s the pricing, the mission, and the product. The folks at Statamic are doing something they believe in and having fun at it, and it shows.

In this episode we talk about why he built a static website CMS, what that actually means, and his journey convincing people to buy it. This is a good one, and personally I’m taken with Statamic. I’m going to build a site with it when I get some free time.



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