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Podcast #4 - Brian Casel - How to Productize a Service, and Sell It For 6 Figures

I first heard of Brian Casel when he was doing Restaurant Engine.

It was a SaaS type website builder for restaurants, built on WordPress multisite. In this podcast we discuss how he built it, then had to pivot as he learned about his market. It turned out restaurant owners wanted someone to build everything for them, so that became an important part of onboarding customers.

Brian is famous for talking about “productized services,” he even has a course called Productize. The idea for a productized service came from his experience onboarding customers for Restaurant Engine.

He ended up selling it, along with another entity called Hotel Propeller, for low six figures. He then created Audience Ops, another productized service. His latest endeavor has been learning how to code, and he’s just putting the finishing touches on a new SaaS called ProcessKit.

Brian sold a few companies, including a theme company in 2015, and more recently his Content Upgrades plugin to iThemes. We talk about that and lots more, enjoy!


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