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Podcast #3 - Brad Touesnard - Taking Investor Money and Failing, Then Succeeding By Scratching Your Own Itch

Brad Touesnard founded Delicious Brains, makers of WP Migrate DB and SpinupWP.

I love asking about failures of successful people, and Brad and I got into what he did before Migrate DB was a profitable enterprise. I first heard Brad’s name from his product WP App Store, which tried to be a marketplace inside of a WordPress plugin. It failed for a number of reasons, including the fact that starting a marketplace is really hard.

What I never knew before is that he took on investment money for the project, and when it failed he decided to pivot their investment into Delicious Brains. That meant that those investors in WP App Store now owned shares in Delicious Brains, and he eventually bought out all but one.

Brad created WP Migrate DB because he had trouble migrating client sites while working at an agency. He was scratching his own itch, and he didn’t really think much of it. The product gained lots of installs, and he eventually released a pro version.

In the podcast we also talk about Mergebot, a product that his team worked on for 2 years and killed before launch due to insurmountable technical issues.

I love Brad’s philosophy of working on products he thinks are cool, and scratching his own itch. SpinupWP came out of this, and I think it will be a success.

We discussed funded startups vs. lifestyle businesses, 32 hour work weeks, selling your company, and more.



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